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Our Process





Contact Us

You contact us via email, phone, or the form on this website, and we will respond typically within 24 hours. 

Intake Meeting

This is a meeting/consultation by phone or virtual to discuss your concerns and the educational issues to be resolved. It is also a time for you to determine if our team is the right fit to represent your child's educational needs. We will then ensure you undersand what the next steps will be to our efficient and effective advocacy.  

Meet and Greet

As we begin our representation, we like to meet each child we represent in person.. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the child whose needs we are dedicated to expressing to the school district. If your child is a little anxious, we have some furry friends to make them feel more comfortable and the beautiful sights of Norwalk harbor right outside our office door.


We review and analyze the entire case file. After obtaining the critical background history of your child we embark on an in depth review of your child's entire educational, record, meet with outside providers to further understand your child's needs. We then meet with parents to outline our recommendations for a strategic plan necessary for your child to make educational progress.  We will attend all school based meetings and be you and your child's voice effective voice at such meetings..


Should mediation or a due process hearing be necessary, our legal team, through daily team meetings with our non-attorney advocates, will already be familiar with your child's file and able to seamlessly implement a legal plan.  

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