Practice Areas

​We are experienced in the full spectrum of special education  legal representation including:
  • Identification and evaluation of children with special needs;
  • Design, coordination, and continued execution of individualized education programs (IEPs) or 504 plans;
  • Manifestation Determination Meetings;
  • Alternative placement needs as identified by the school or guardians;
  • Least restrictive environment or mainstream placements;
  • Transition Plans;
  • School disciplinary and expulsion hearings;
  • Residency and transportation disputes
  • Mediation, due process hearings, and litigation;
We efficiently and effectively represent regular  education students in multiple areas:
  • Homebound services;
  • CT Section 10-186  School Accommodation  Hearings regarding residency and transportation disputes;
  • College Board accommodations;
  • School disciplinary and expulsion hearings.