Meet Robin, Jen, Dani & David

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Experienced in all phases of 504 and IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) proceedings from initiating a referral for special education services to attendance and 


Dani’s training and experience in special education is extensive.  She began her special education career as a K-12 

advocacy at Planning and Placement Team meetings, Individualized Education Plan revisions, Mediations Resolution Sessions, Due Process Hearings, and filing of State and Federal Complaints. Robin also has extensive experience in representing students in school disciplinary, expulsion, and dismissal hearings and in residency or transportation disputes.


Prior to establishing her education law practice, Robin was a commercial litigator at Robinson & Cole, LLP where she gained extensive experience taking and defending fact and expert depositions, motion practice, and preparing cases held in state and federal courts. She has successfully represented many clients in administrative hearings, formal and informal mediations, arbitrations, and at trial.


Robin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from Clemson University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut of School of Law.


Robin has dedicated a significant portion of her law practice to assisting parents and guardians of Connecticut's underserved and most vulnerable children. Sliding scale fees are offered to those families found eligible using the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines. Ms. Keller also serves as a pro bono cooperating attorney for the Center for Children's Advocacy ( representing children in Lower Fairfield County. She is an active member of COPAA (“Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates”), and SEEK (“Special Education Equity for Kids of Connecticut”), both organizations inclusive for advocates, attorneys, parents and professionals focused on positive educational outcomes for children with disabilities.

special education teacher in New York and then Connecticut in both private and public schools.  Her 13+ years of experience include serving in a large public school district as IEP Compliance, ensuring that IEPs were constructed to meet the needs of the student that adhered to policy, procedures, of state and federal special education law. Dani has worked with district administrators on the PPT processes, components of IEPs, procedure of meetings, and legal documents to be included. She constructed and delivered district wide professional developments in Special Education, Executive Functions, and SRBI (Scientific Researched Based Interventions. Dani has chaired PPT meetings, counting into the thousands and had the responsibility of reviewing all documents for accuracy and fidelity. Dani served in the capacity of Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services providing the oversight of the IEPs, programming, professional development, and continued compliance of IEPs.


Dani’s understanding of an individual student’s learning style, coupled with her knowledge of best practices and evidence-based research-based programs and IEP compliance, provides invaluable support, insight, and advocacy opportunities to parents of children with special learning and behavioral needs.


Dani has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rollins College, and a Master’s degree in childhood education and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Hunter College and College of Saint Rose. Currently, Dani is completing her doctoral programming in Educational Leadership at the University of Bridgeport with a dissertation focusing on childhood trauma and ADHD. Dani also has her certification in special education from both NY and CT.



Jen is a trained non-attorney special education advocate who has assisted numerous Connecticut families in securing 

appropriate educational services, and accommodations for their children with special educational needs. Jen received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Illinois State University and for seven years afterwards, taught middle school science.  During that time, Jen began working on her master’s degree in special education. After her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Jen began her informal education in special education. Jen has continued her education in special education through completion of COPAA's (“Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates”) basic and advanced advocacy training, known as SEAT 1.0 and SEAT 2.0.  For the past three years, Jen has actively provided Robin support on client matters and for the past two years, has provided direct special education advocacy to parents of children with special needs. 


Jen is active in the community serving on the Boards of Norwalk Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (N-SpedPAC), School Governance Council, and the Parent Teacher Association at her child’s elementary school.



David is well versed on special education needs and the importance of collaboration with school districts. For the past 

several years, David has been a chosen leader on numerous special education committees and parent advocacy groups in the Norwalk community. David's community outreach has extended to be a current representative on the Norwalk Common Council. Through personal experiences with his son, David has committed to establish equity and identify solutions that work for all children. David has devoted a change of career to further his knowledge base as a second-year law student at Quinnipiac University Law School.