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The Connecticut Bureau of Special Education issued revised guidance on March 25, 2020 that addressed three areas [emphasis added]:


  1. Continued Educational Opportunities-Access and Equity

  • SpEd students must be provided with special education and related services to the greatest extent possible;

  • The law “allows for flexibility in determining how to meet the individualized needs of students receiving. SpEd services.”


   2. Communication expectations

  • Districts to communicate with parents regarding their child’s IEP services during a closure taking into consideration the parent’s preferred method of communication;

  • Notify parents of the individualized plan for their child to access continued educational opportunities

    3. PPT meetings

  • School districts are not required to revise IEPs or conduct PPT meetings “related to the instructional delivery method”;

  • The delivery of services through alternate modes does not constitute a change in placement;

  • School districts that are not able to meet the annual review and/or reevaluation timelines due to the school closure are to hold such PPT meeting once school resumes and maintain a student’s current IEP until a new IEP can be developed;

  • If a student’s IEP effective date lapses during the COVID -19 school closure, the student’s IEP will remain in effect until a new IEP is developed;

  • Timeline for initial evaluations is paused during the period of school closure because days when schools are closed, are not “school days.”

The guidance above demonstrates the fluid and ambiguous state of special education and service delivery.   Despite IDEA being a federal law enforced through federal law and state statutes, many of the hard and fast rules have been waived during the COVID-19 school closure disruption of educational services.  Many districts are continuing to hold PPTs, others are not.  Many districts are effectively implementing special services, other districts have yet to begin.

During this period it is very important that you track and log the service time and methodology by which your child is receiving education and services.  Contact us to receive sample data logs to help keep track so you are prepared to meaningfully participate in your child's PPT...when it is held...

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